For a reason

It is said that people come into your life for reason. Some are to be lifetime friends, others for a fleeting moment but each and everyone of them have a purpose in your life.  Never have I been as sure about this than over this last week. Walking through one of... read more

Not the second post I wanted to write

I didn’t want my second post to be a sad one. I wanted to fill this blog with fun and laughter and happiness. Yet you know what life isn’t like that. It’s a journey of wondrous moments and also one of truly hard ones. I’m walking through a hard... read more

Hello from over here

Hello and welcome to my new virtual home. Why have I moved you may be all asking? Well here’s why? When I started Walking in Angels it was my move to my first self hosted blog but more importantly it was a move in a time of pain, a time of grief. The name itself... read more