Happy Heavenly Birthday

Happy Birthday Livvy.

My daughter will be celebrating her eleventh birthday in Heaven today. I do believe that she will be dancing with the Lord, angels and loved ones. It’s this belief that gets me through the pain of not being able to be with her on her special day. I know that in Heaven she is free from all the pain her condition on earth brought her. She is free to dance, free to run, sing, praise.

Livvy was and is an amazing young lady; she showed strength in her character that i can only hope to reach. Her spirit and desire to live life to the full inspires me each and every day. She took the life she had been given and blessed others around her. She suffered and struggled and whilst there were times she was in pain her smile never left her. Praise my beautiful brave daughter.

The hole in my heart and my life where she should be is forever empty. Nothing or no one will ever fill it. I take strength and courage from my faith. I know without a doubt that I will hold my beautiful daughter again one day. We will be reunited. This is my light in the darkness of sorrow and grief that surrounds me today.

I pray today in Livvy’s honour that a cure for Rett syndrome will be found. Dear Lord please hear my prayers.

As for my darling daughter, until I get to hold you again save those hugs and kisses for me.

Happy Birthday, I love you to the moon, stars and back again xxx


Do you ever wonder about heaven and how and what it is like. I guess having a child in heaven brings the wondering a lot closer. I look around the world and there are so many beautiful places and I wonder if the splendor we see around us comes close to what is waiting for us.

To many times I find myself in darkness yet I know the world is full of light. The Lord is our light. So when I feel the darkness surrounding me I immerse myself in the light. In the word of God and the beauty that surrounds me here.

I do wait for the days when I will explore the depths of heaven with my loved one but until that day I will be grateful for the places on earth that bring beauty and light to my world.

Friendships for Grown-ups – Lisa Whelchel

 Friendship for Grown-ups.  Lisa Whelchel

This is the first book I have reviewed for Book Sneeze and I have to say it has blown me away.

Lisa writes as if she is talking to your heart. I believe God was to be found within the pages of this book. Lisa writes with such honesty that you find yourself feeling the emotions within your own heart.  She bares her soul and in doing so she allows you the freedom to bare your own.

Reading this book has made me feel less alone, amazing how we imagine we are the only ones in the world that struggling with friendship. Reading that Lisa was afraid of friendship was such a revelation for me. I wasn’t alone, my thinking was normal.

Thank you seems inadequate when I tell you the courage I have found from reading this book.  I read the book in one sitting.  Straight after reading this book I emailed my friends and took a step out into unknown scary territory of true friendship.

I pray Lisa continues building her friendships and thank her dearly for being so open and honest.  This book is a must read for women who believe guarding their hearts is what God wants for us. Trust in the Lord he will always be your best friend but has also graced the earth with others we can call best friends forever to.

God bless. Xxx

Hello world! A New beginning

A new blog for a new start. Why a new blog. I have many reason but as part of my new start I want to leave them behind me. Sometimes it takes more courage to move forward that it does to stay hiding in the past.

So I hope all my friends old and new have found me ok and pray we can continue our friendship which I hold dear to my heart.

So here I start my new beginning, join me as I take my steps forward.