About Me

So here’s a little about me …….



Who am I ? 

I’m a 40 year old woman who simply loves life. I embrace each new day with a nice cup of tea and the philosophy of hoping to make someone’s life a little brighter. 

My life is a wonderful bag of chaos, I’m a mom to four incredible girls. They are 20 19,15 and forever 9. I’m also a newly adoptive mom to a gorgeous 2 year old boy with complex needs and to top this all off I foster a handsome 15 year with special needs too. 

I’ve been married to Alan for the last 20 years and he drives me completely insane but I do love the bones of him. We keep promising ourselves more time just the two of us then we go and do something crazy like adopting a 2 year old. Obviously we just don’t enjoy alone time 😳.

I’ve been blogging now for 9 years and I just love it. I love sharing my story, I love making new friends, having new experiences and making new memories.

This little piece of virtual world is my place to have many conversations. Sharing what’s happening in my chaotic life. Giving my point of view even when not wanted ha ha on world events, politics, current news stories and a lot more. 

Come on and join in the chaos and have a conversation. 

I can’t wait xxxx

Want to get in touch, I love working with relevant brands on campaigns, reviews etc so if you want to find out more about me or my crazy tribe or want to discuss collaborating I would love to hear from you.

Drop me an email : chaosandconversation@gmail.com

Or find me on twitter @Livvyssmile

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