Where did I go?

If you have tried to visit here over the last few weeks you would have found that I had disappeared. Unfortunately due to an issue with hosting this blog was lost to the virtual atmosphere. It seemed that all of my words, all of my posts were gone. The moments and the memories shared here lost and unrecoverable.

Thankfully what was lost has now been found, but in the interim period I made a decision to move forward. Losing my words made me realise how much I love blogging and not having a place to share my heart actually sucked.

So I started a new venture, found myself a new home.

Welcome to Rebel with Kindness. 

Yes it would be easier to stay here and carry on, reserve the followers, statistics etc but it just doesn’t feel like home anymore. So it’s with excitement that I move forward and hope that those that enjoy my writing will follow over to my new home.

So as they say, see you on the flip side, or in this case over at my new virtual home, Rebel with Kindness 


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