Dear Labour, this isn’t the time.

So it’s looks as if The Labour Party is heading for another leadership battle. As much as I respect the MPs right to request this I do not understand the timing of it all. The country is divided enough this just feels like the last nail in the coffin.

Last week the nation went to the polls to vote on the EU referendum and as much as it pained me to say it the decision was made in democratic way, so is a valid one. The votes were cast and counted and the people voted to leave the EU.  Democracy in action and whilst I may quietly pray for a miracle that doesn’t see this happen I do see that it’s now time to move forward and start working together for the future of the UK.

So back to the internal explosion of the Labour Party. I just don’t get it, with the Tories backing out of campaign promises and the truth of falsehoods becoming so obvious this should be the moment that the party capsulises on this and shows the public how little the Brexit campaign and the conservative government think of them and how willing they are to feed the public lies to achieve what they want. The lies of this campaign aren’t new, remember how they were going to protect working family tax credit.

Yet to our shame Labour are descending into chaos. With some real nasty crap being banded about by both sides.

Now I like Jeremy Corbyn I do but for me this leadership challenge is not about him. For me its about holding on to the democracy that should always be part of the party. Last year a huge majority of members voted for him as leader so how dare MP’s challenge the votes of the members.

A few things I have read today that I want to mention that has really annoyed me firstly, Jeremy Corbyn is to blame for Brexit, first of  all can I just call bullsh*t on this statement.  Jeremy campaigned hard for remain and whilst his campaign wasn’t full of scare tactics he explained the situation fairly and transparently.  He brought a lot of leave voters back into the remain campaign due to what one woman told me “ his honestly that the EU was far from perfect but he believes that we are better working on it from the inside”.

Secondly that he doesn’t have the people behind him, well just take a look at the rallies that have been held. I can’t imagine any other politician right now bringing that many supporters out on such a short notice.

Thirdly, his followers are aggressive, now this one bugs me after week after week being insulted on Facebook and twitter about my remain vote I cannot believe that some MP’s are crying harassment right now. Yes, there are some idiots on both sides but MP’s have to realise that people are disillusioned right now, many belong to a party who is now saying “guess what we understand you voted for a leader but we don’t like him so we want a do over”. In a time where our democracy feels like it is slipping away through our fingers you can imagine our distress and sometimes anger, though I will state here any one making threats is not a true believer in democracy and needs to check in with themselves.

I’m truly gutted that at this time the that the Labour party has decided to turn inwards and in doing so may just rip itself apart. Because right now whilst this inner fighting continues the country that I love is becoming more divided. The vulnerable are suffering, racism is coming out from the shadows and true bigotry is becoming a common place occurrence. Apathy, austerity has changed the view of this country, people are so lost and angry that they are ready to believe the hate propaganda that is being fed to them. We need someone to bring us light and lead us out of this darkness. To remind people that

“That we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” Jo Cox MP 

Whatever the decision of the leadership contest turns out to if it is conducted in a fair democratic way I will accept it but right now the Labour party doesn’t seem to be one I recognise.

I think we all need a reminder that if we don’t unite who we are we leaving to look after the public?

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. “

Albert Einstein

#Enjoymorewater Challenge

Getting enough fluid into your children isn’t easy.

I thought it was hard when my girls were younger trying to convince them that they really needed to finish their juice or have that extra glass or two when the weather was warm. Though In hindsight I now see that although this was hard I still had a little influence over them and with the right encouragement they normally enjoyed it in the end or at least drank it because mom said so.

Fast forward a few years and now as the mom of teenagers and young adults  I want to scream. It’s as if drinking enough fluid to keep them hydrated is asking them to swim the ocean. Their daily juice cups sliding over to the super carbonated drinks that I so don’t want them to fill up with.
So project make drinking cool again had to start. From posh water bottles to ice lollies I have encouraged my girls to keep drinking wisely and to drink enough to keep their body hydrated. I have had a slight bit of success as  my two oldest girls are never seen without a bottle of water in their hands.
So this then brings me to my youngest daughter, Brodie the child who never stays still, who plays sport 5 days out of 7 but who hates water with a vengeance.
All I can say is thank you Robinsons their pocket sized squashd have literally saved me from banging my head against the wall but also my daughter from the dehydration headaches to which she was prone. She now fills up before school and then can top up throughout the day using the squashd at the school water foundation.
With the great selection of flavours even my picky madam can not say she is bored. In fact within school now it’s become a bit of excitement regarding what flavour she has today. I mean its not like you would expect the kids to be excited over exams would you.

No turning back 

After last Thursday’s EU referendum I have been struggling. It’s hard to focus when your whole view has changed. When the country you love seems so divided. To be fair I have been feeling so lost, adrift on a boat that has no navigation system and no stars to help me map my way.

Right now here in the UK we have been set a new course, it’s uncharted waters and without a strong captain of the ship the journey forward looks rather scary and certainly won’t be easy. Yet I’m reminding myself that it’s not only the Captain that sails the ship. In fact the Captain would never cast off without his crew behind him, supporting him, helping him navigate.

This is what we the people of the U.K need to do right now. We cannot change the fact that we have set sail, many don’t want to, but we can work together to make the journey smooth and safe for all passengers and crew.

Uniting to move forward making sure that the new rules, the new policies that are put in place benefit all. We cannot continue to have a society where the poor are victimised plagued by bias reality television programmes that allows this government to portray all by some. We cannot continue to have hard working families needing to use food banks. 

It cannot go on that our youth feel so lost and disillusion feeling as if the future is not theirs anymore.

Our country need to move forward creating growth and opportunity celebrating business and enterprise . We need to see expansion and the creation of jobs. Investment in social housing the NHS and all public services. Keeping them true to the values of serving people not wealth. 

Yet most of all we need to start fighting to regain our unity. Over the last months we have allowed the language of this country to change and I refuse to accept that this our future. That our respect for each other has disappeared. I don’t want to live in a country where racist bigoted words are allowed back into conversation. Where it’s acceptable to treat another as if they don’t belong. 

We are better than this.

We are so better than this.

This country is struggling the effects of the austerity cuts are hitting most. We need to stop being swayed by the lies that are being printed to deceive us. Trusting the wolves that wear sheep’s clothing.

It’s a time of accountability, as we move forward let’s demand that we have transparency from our politicians. Let’s educate and inform ourselves better so we can no longer be lied to. 

Let’s unite to make this country fair for all not just some. 

The EU referendum brought many out to vote. Excited by the process of democracy continue with the same enthusiasm for the next local elections, general election.

Cherish the power of your vote and together we can create a society that makes us proud again.

Let’s not allow the captain to sink this ship taking only the elite in the lifeboats to safety.
We all have the right to a safe voyage but right now we have to fight for it.  

Why – Orlando xxx 

I haven’t been able to write this week. I just couldn’t find the words to really explain my feelings,my utter horror at the atrocity committed in Orlando this week.

My heart breaks for the families of those who lives were lost, stolen.

My heart breaks for the LGBT community that has suffered so much already. 

How do you find words to comprehend such pain? 

There simply aren’t words.

My heart is aching terribly 

But my head is full of whys. 

Why did this happen?

Why was this allowed to happen?

Why is there such bigotry in this world?

Why is there such hate?

Why can’t people just be free to love whoever they want?

I pray for a world were love is celebrated in all forms. Where there is no “it should be this way” or “that isn’t right”.

I pray for a world where love is just seen as love.

Love can and one day will unite this world it’s this hope that I hold on to.

#incrowd – Voting to remain

Tonight I have had one of the most inspirational evenings ever. I attended the #incrowd rally for the Labour Party in Edgbaston where the evening speakers were Billy Bragg, Jack Dromey MP, Neena Gill and an amazing young political blogger whose name I’m ashamed to say I didn’t write down and the incredible leader of the Labour Party, Mr Jeremy Corbyn MP.

The evening was just truly amazing from driving to the event with one of my local councillors a woman whose passion for equality and compassion I admire greatly to listening to the evening speakers as they passionately campaigned on why we need to remain within the EU and why voting on June 23rd is incredibly important.

I took many things away with me tonight, from the words of Billy Bragg (any errors are down to my lousy shorthand and interpretation), we need an Okie coki choice, an in and out and shake it all about. The fact is that there is parts of the EU that just doesn’t sit right with many of us but by staying in we can push for reform a hell of a lot easier than if we were on the outside.

Billy Bragg

Billy reminded us that Freedom is made up of three parts

Liberty – The freedom to express yourself, to have your views, ideas, beliefs heard.

Equality – Everyone has the right to be heard, from the refugee to the monarchy everyone has the right to have use their voice and to be listened to.

The third part he said is known as Fraternity but he believes that this should be now known as Accountability.

For too long people have felt unheard, so many people are listening to the far right because they truly believe that these are their only choice. Extremists are giving the unconnected a place to call home. The Labour party needs to reach these people and remind them that this is what they stand for.


The Labour party needs to be the one too hold the markets to account.

That Europe is for people not for profit.

The decision we all make on June 23rd will change lives and I totally agree with Billy when he says we need to use our vote wisely.

From Jeremy Corbyn’s speech  I was reminded why he won the leadership by a massive margin. He is a man who is true integrity, he is simply the real deal.


He started his speech firstly by discussing the campaigns and to be honest the disgraceful way the #Brexit campaign is being run, with Boris and his cronies (my words) turning out the race card at every moment, blaming the current issues of this country on immigration. Jeremy reminded us of the importance of immigration especially within the medical field and the shared knowledge and expertise this has brought to this country. He then when on to talk about the leave campaign and their attempt to scare people into believing the NHS would be at risk if we stayed within the EU. His point was clearly made when he reminded us of the Tory party destruction of the NHS and how ironic it is that now Boris and others speak of saving something they have strove to destroy. Jeremy passionately reminded us of the core values of the NHS, healthcare for all and that the Labour party are constantly fighting to keep it funded and safe from the privatisation lobby of the Tories. He then went on to thank every member of the NHS for all they do and I personally echo that, I love our NHS.

Jeremy spoke of what the EU has done for us, 4 weeks paid holiday, maternity leave and paternity leave all things which were won for by members of the EU working together. Won by the collective joining forces.

The EU offers us a chance of being part of being something bigger, to be challenge corporations and big business. To fight for those who need us, to be compassionate across borders.

It also offers us the chance to protect our world, to fight against climate change and pollution.

Jeremy also reminded us all that we are not one solitary country on this planet we are part of a wonderful world with all its faults, but the fact is unity is what will always fight against terror, greed and oppression.

Together we are stronger. 

I cannot bear the thought of leaving the country I am so proud of in the hands of buffoons who will use fear and hate to get their false points across. In the hands of a government who destroys public services, who are out to destroy social care and treats the poor as if they were worthless.

I am not an economist and far from a political blogger but on the 23rd June I will ask you all to join me in voting remain not because I believe the European Union to be perfect but because I believe in people working collectively for the common good.

I am not alone in this world and I don’t believe where you are born or the circumstances of your heritage should define your future. A child is a child born here in the UK or in the war torn Syria and its for that child I will vote remain.


Milton a brand I can trust

I have been a user of Milton sterilising products for as long as I can remember. They were a constant for my mom when raising us and I remember the cold water sterilising system from when my siblings were babies. So it was obvious that when I had children this would be the brand I would turn to. Besides the fact that I love the smell there is something about the brand that has always filled me with reassurance.


So when my first little one popped into the world nearly twenty years ago, Milton sterilising fluid became a staple in my kitchen. From the early days of sterilising the girls bottles to the last days of using the fluid to cleanse medical equipment etc.

So when approached about the new Milton Mini portable soother steriliser I thought why not give it a go. To be fair my girls never used dummies but our new little one does but even then if I was being truthful I wasn’t sure how much use I would have for it.

The Mini is 100% watertight, cleans and sterilises soothers everywhere and is BPA free



Fast forward to a week in sunny Wales and a baby who seemed to think dropping his dummy on the beach was a fun game I can tell you I love this portable steriliser, it became a game changer.



After all these years I love the fact that Milton are still bringing new products to the market that help parents raise their children in a safe and healthy environment.





•I was gifted a mini portable steriliser for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

The full range of Milton Mini Portable Soother Sterilisers has a RRP of £6.99 and is available at John Lewis, Mothercare, Ocado, Superdrug and Tesco as well as many independent pharmacies and nursery retailers.

What defines you!

If you were to read about my past in script form you would be forgiven for thinking that this may have been a script for a television drama or more likely a soap opera.

It’s a story full of pain, loss and at times anger.

Yet it is my life and right now I am walking a journey which is laying it completely open and completely bare and its hard. It fact it’s blooming painful, yet in the midst of the tears of which there has been plenty I have actually found myself feeling a strength that is holding me all in place. In fact it must have the wire that has held me together through this life’s journey.

My faith in myself.



I cannot go back and change the past. In fact I’m not sure I would ,as everything that has happened has formed me into the person I am right now and I actually rather like who I am.

We all have pathways to walk and as human beings we will make mistakes, we mess up and at times we completely screw up but its how we move forward that defines us. How we learn from experiences and how we grow.


My life may have been messy, but it has challenged me to see beyond the barriers. I love with all my heart, I believe in people with all my soul and most of all I have hope. Hope that with love and empathy this world can and will be a better place.


So if right now like me you are feeling scared and vulnerable keep pushing forward because you may not realise it, but these moments, these challenges may be the moments that define who you really are.