Pink Clove Review

Sometimes you love and outfit on a model but when you are there standing it you realise its not for you and just doesn’t suit your shape and size.

I find this leaves me disappointed and in this case super sad.

When asked if I wanted to review a few items from Pink Clove I jumped at the chance I had been lusting over a lace skater dress they had but in my haste and pure excitement I ordered this equally as stunning Lace midi dress.

pink-clove-matilda-all-over-lace-midi-dress-in-black-nude-p378-2816_image-1 Pink clove dress

The fabric on this dress is beautiful, but for me who carries a lot of weight around the stomach I just didn’t feel as if I could pull it off. Also my height meant that this was a little short too.

The second outfit I chose was these awesome Fleur Cigarette leg trousers  with the Imogen Mesh Insert top

I liked this outfit but again i will have prefer a little more length in the trousers.




My last choice was this blue mesh insert jersey top.. The colour is beautiful, though again my body betrayed me the front of the top ended up fitting a little low and it was a little tight.





All in all I will say Pink Clove offer some well priced fashionable clothes but please check the sizes closely as I found them to be a little different to my normal.


* I was gifted this items for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

We need special dresses for a truly special event.

Now if you read this blog you will  know I am one proud mom, my children are my world.

My girls have faced so much loss in their short lives and yet still have held on to their compassionate hearts which isn’t easy when faced with so much hurt I can promise you that.

Besides being fantastic sisters to Livvy they now have happily opened their hearts and homes to the children we foster.

So when I found out that my youngest was a finalist in The Eleventh Annual Mayor’s Civic Awards I could have cried, ok I did cry.

The Mayor’s Civic Awards are now in their eleventh year honouring local people who make outstanding contributions to the borough and my girlie is one of those they are honouring.

We are all so excited for this special evening but are a little worried about what to wear. We don’t really attend many formal events so this is both exciting and nerve wracking for us all.

Especially for my daughter and I as dress shopping is a little overwhelming for us denim loving ladies.

Still we have been searching the internet for our special dresses for this special event.

Here are our choices.

Brodie and I both fell in love with dresses from Chi Chi Clothing 

Brodie loved this elegant lace skater dress


Chi Chi Florence Dress


Whilst I fell head over heels with this cap sleeve baroque style maxi dress the detail is simply beautiful.

Chic Chic Avril Dress

Chic Chic Avril Dress


These dresses are truly beautiful and would turn a special night into a truly amazing night.

Brodie also fell in love with this stunning dress from New Look 

I love this one and think the colour would really compliment Brodie’s beautiful big blue eyes.

John Zack navy low lace dress

John Zack navy low lace dress


I love this Little Mistress Wrap Front Maxi dress from Asos. It’s so special, I am so nervous about this event so making sure I feel good is so important.



Little mistress wrap front dress

Little mistress wrap front dress


Brodie doesn’t have a third choice but this Little mistress emb nude maxi dress.  from Simply Be caught my eye, I love the detail on the top of this dress.

Little mistress nude maxi dress

Little mistress nude maxi dress


Brodie and I are both excited and nervous about this event. It is so special that Brodie has been named as a finalist, I am so proud of her.


It will also be a wonderful opportunity for us to tell people about Livvy’s Smile.

Me and my girl


If any of the brands listed or any other brands would like to work with us on this we would be extremely excited and please email us at


Dolphin Tale 2

Yesterday afternooon the family and I sat down to watch the family movie Dolphin Tale 2.


We absolutely loved the first Dolphin Tale film and it still rates as one of our most loved movies of all times. Even on our 10th watch we still get caught up in the emotion.

So Dolphin Tale 2 certainly had a lot to live up to.

Dolphin Tale 2 starts back at Clearwater Marine Aquarium but one that looks very different from before. The story of Winter has brought a lot of interest and investment into the place. New buildings, equipment and so much more opportunity to help and rescue more marine wildlife.

The mission is still the same Rescue , Rehab and Release.

Without giving too much off the story away its starts several years after Winter has received her prothetic tail and with Winter losing her surrogate mother Panama leaving her alone and grieving and not wanting to engage with anyone including Sawyer her human best friend and ultimately one of the stars of the movie.

Whilst time is said to be a great healer Winter isn’t given a lot due to regulations that require all dolphins to be paired. This means she may be removed from her home at Clearwater.

This leaves the aquariums dedicated team including Dr Clay Haskett not knowing where to turn and it looks like they may lose Winter when a turn of events brings them Hope.

Compared to the first movie I will say it didn’t get me as emotionally stirred up throughout , but there were a few moments where I and my girls found ourselves on the edge of our seats.

These films are always special as we know that they are based on true events and this knowledge always allows you to find yourself a little more invested in the outcome.

It was lovely to see the return of the main cast back in their Dolphin Tale roles, I was back crushing on Harry Connick Jr where Nathan Gamble caught the eye of my 13 year old.

There was a cameo role from one of our heroes too Bethany Hamilton too.

Dolphin Tale 2 was a truly wonderful  and inspiring film that will join is prequel on our family favourite lists. My daughter has already disappeared to her room to watch it again.

If you are after a film to enjoy as a family and to also inspire your children to think a little beyond the surface of this material world I honestly recommend you order your copy today.

Winter’s story is one of hope for many, let it inspire your family today.






*I was gifted a copy of this dvd for the purpose of this review but all views are my own or that of my family.

True love

Our love isn’t found in the three simple words “I love you”
It’s your actions that makes my heart beat to the lovers drum.

The way you care with all you are.
No only when it’s easy but even more so when it’s hard.

The world is full of red roses and flowers but true love isn’t found in these things.

It’s the fresh cup of coffee you leave quietly for me each morning as you wake to the children.

It’s the popping out to the shop when you are tired and just want to relax.

It’s the way you raise your daughters, with so much love and understanding.

Taxi service and cash point with only a little scowl.


True love is staying quiet when you know i’m being unfair.

Or when you simply haven’t a clue what started my rage.

Listening to the same old worries because i’m struggling to reach a decision.

Or listen to the same old stories because I’m simply harping on.


Loving is when its too hard,

When your heart is broken and your soul is screaming no more.

Finding the strength to be brave when I cannot.

Holding me night after night as I cry into the early hours.

Watching my missing as you ache also.


True love is painting my toe nails on a ward full of laughing nurses.

Of holding my hair as I vomit into the toilet bowl.

Of changing hundreds of dirty bums without more than the occassional moan.

The acceptance of the being the porta loo changer even though I had said we would share.


True love is loving me before i knew how to love myself.

Teaching me that promises do get kept.

Of being my constant in a world that keeps changing.


True Love is you my dear husband.

From that first bar room meeting nearly 20 years ago.

You have been my everything.


Happy Valentine’s Dear Alan.

Heres to a lifetime of me driving you slowly insane.

My friend, my lover, my heart.

I love you, today, tomorrow, forever. xxxx

valentines alan and i






Nowhere to call home.

Over the year or so my husband and I have needed a new bed.

Springs in our backs and aches and pains all over from the old mattress.

A month or so ago this situation became desperate when our bed broke and only one of us could sleep on it at a time.

Thankfully last week we finally purchased a new bed and I cannot express how lovely it has been to sleep comfortably, waking without aching joints.

This has led me to really think about those that have no comfortable bed to sleep on.

Those who have no bed at all.

As winter strikes and the weather reports show freezing temperatures I cannot envisage how truly awful it must be to be sleeping outside in these conditions.

While we are all getting excited about the falling snow imagine the cold white stuff being your pillow throughout the night.

With charities seeing the amount of people sleeping rough in the UK rising each year it is a situation that needs addressing.

As I watch my daughters sleep in the warmth of their beds  and the safety of their bedrooms, I cannot imagine that children their ages are sleeping out rough, have no where to call home.


But latest findings from show that this is the case.

  • 52% of those seeking help with homelessness are under 25.  
  • Councils are preventing homelessness amongst homeless young people in just 1 in 5 cases.
  • More than half of young people become homeless because of a relationship breakdown, mainly with their parents.
  • Homeless young people face a range of complex problems – more than 6 in 10 are not in education, employment or training for example.  
  • Half of agencies believe the problems faced by young people have got worse since last year. 
  • Charities report that homelessness caused by financial problems due to benefit reductions has increased six-fold. 90% believe sanctions have affected young people’s ability to access accommodation.  
  • 74% of homelessness organisations were unable to support a young person due to limited capacity.

I confess these figures actually left me in tears.

I am a foster carer and I am aware of the breakdown of relationships within families etc but was not aware of the scope of this issue.

So much more needs to be done, homelessness is on the increase and more support, services and advice need to be in play.

This is why I encourage you all to visit and sign the petition and add your support to the coalition of charities and businesses working to end youth homelessness.


No young person ever asks for the circumstances that lead them to becoming homeless.


Crossing the line



I have to confess I have become an avid viewer of Celebrity Big Brother.

I just cannot help myself.

I just love watching the people I have either admired or loathed from the celebrity world and trying to work out if they are like their celebrity persona. Its an armchair psychoanalyst’s dream

This season as been completely addictive, it has simply for no better term been “car crash tv”. It’s been explosive from the get go and I am honestly glad there is no live feed as my kids may have starved.

I truly don’t know what to make of it.

Of course I had previous perceptions of the housemates but to be truthful I have been surprised by them all.

From the kicking out of the first two to the faked walk out I am loving it.

I know and understand how people get so worked up over the programme and I know my poor husband is tired of my Katie Hopkins rants.

Can I just state here that I honestly believe Katie Hopkins is playing the long game. This is a woman who until she started slagging off people was not really well known. Her notoriety is based on her vicious tongue. If she turned nice she wouldn’t have a career. Two days outside of the big brother house nice Katie Hopkins would be yesterday’s news. No this lady is going to come out and call us all fools for falling for her nice act and then start bad mouthing her housemates off.

Anyway I digress this post wasn’t about KH it was about something that has shocked me more.

Last week I was on Twitter trying to tweet support for Nadia just before she was evicted when I came across some tweets which made me sick to my stomach.

Now I want to also state here that I am a great believer in the freedom of speech and I do love that Twitter allows you to tag celebrities, sports stars, musicians etc giving people a voice to those normally out of reach.

But I want to ask “when is too much, simply too much.”

Last night I was appalled to read tweets which said

“I wish Perez and Nadia would drink bleach and die”

“Let Perez win and while he is the last in the house blow the f**ker up”

“Hope Nadia gets an incurable disease and dies”

Seriously why

Why would you say such things.

As a mom whose daughter died from an incurable disease the last one really made me rage.

Am I alone in being appalled at this?

I’m all for telling a footballer he played crap.

Or a politician he is full of bull but come on wishing someone had died.

Personally I think the line is truly crossed.

What do you think?

crossing the line