Only this lifetime


Today is one of my favourite days of the year.

The essence of hope is in all that we do.

From the church celebratory service to the family easter meal.

All are filled with joy.


This is the day Jesus conquered the grave.

Death has no victory.

The empty tomb.


I love this celebration as it reminds me of the promise.


The promise of eternal life.


I never knew how much I needed this promise until four years ago.

When death stole my beautiful daughter from me.

When loss broke my heart into millions of pieces.

It is because of the promise we celebrate today that I can go on.

The hope of this gift that keeps the blood rushing through my veins.

I am only separated from Livvy by this lifetime.


Eternity is ours to have together.



One day forever will be ours.






Freedom not fear

So the relevance of the coming weekend seems to be passing many by. The media is full of images of chocolate bunnies and roast lamb, yet the true reason behind the celebration is missing. Perish the thought that the cross would be mentioned, that Jesus who died in a truly horrific way for us would be spoken about in main stream media.

It feels like its shoved under the rug.

Hidden out of view.

Political correctness?

Yet why celebrate if there is no celebration?

Personally this weekend means so much to me. The cross is my freedom, my new birth.

My truth.

I am a sinner yet Jesus’ sacrifice washed away my sins.

Cleansed my soul

Set my heart free.

Yet this Easter feels a little different than others, maybe because I’ve struggled this year. Not with my faith but with being part of the church family. I’ve reverted to my old habits again. Barriers up and closing myself in.

Again the crazy thing is I know better. How can I build up friendships if I lock myself away?

How long will people be willing to try if i hold them at arms length?

I want so much to be part of a church family, to have my heart stirred up each week by passionate preaching and friendship.

Yet to find this I have to be there.

My head tells me one thing my heart says another.

My tired battered heart is frightened but here at Easter I have to remind myself of the courage of our Saviour.

Remind myself of the sacrifice he made so that I could live in freedom not fear.

Freedom not fear.


Excited by new technology.

I spent yesterday at the headquarters of Panasonic as part of Intelligent Living Mums Blogger group. As I have mentioned before on here I really admire the philosophy behind this brand and their real desire to design products that make a difference to daily life. Its not all about what looks good but what saves you time. What serves its purpose.

Anyway while I was there yesterday we were shown a number of products that to be honest I was impressed with but one of the technologies that really caught my eye was the new fridge freezers.

At first I thought what could be so exciting about a fridge freezer. I mean it keeps produce cold, simply thats it. But I was so wrong.

Now you may think i’m crazy and yes that is debatable but to have fresh fruit and vegetables in my home it requires me visiting the supermarket at least three times a week. If I was to buy the amount I require on a Monday I can guarantee by the end of the week some of my stored food would have started to turn, started to brown and generally be not suitable for eating. So I either go shopping three times a week or I waste a load of food and still end up back at the shops.

So why am I excited well simply because of the new technology Panasonic have in their fridge freezers, Vitamin Safe.


Take a look

I personally think this is genius and with statistics showing that we throw away 7.2 million tones of food and drink from our homes every year I do believe this technology could be one that could be so beneficial for us all.

And with every fridge freezer having the Inverter technology they not only perform better they are more energy efficient which helps the environment and saves you money too.


Now can you see why I’m excited?


* Disclosure – I am part of the Panasonic Intelligent Living Mums blogger group. I attended workshops at Panasonic with my travel expenses paid.



Epilepsy awareness day


Today is Epilepsy awareness day, a day where people across the world, share,educate and inform people about this condition.

I am too aware of epilepsy as it was condition that Livvy suffered from severely. A condition that played a big part in her death.

Livvy suffered from uncontrollable seizures, one time we counted over 106 in a day. We tried many medications and fought hard not to let them to control her life.

Lets just say it was an ongoing war,one which sometimes we won the battle other times we lost.

Epilepsy can be scary for both the one having the seizure and the one watching.

Epilepsy is also surrounded by myths, not that long ago sufferers were accused of being demons. Thankfully times have changed but still the need for awareness is there.

So I ask you today to click this link and learn more about this condition.

It’s the wrong season for snow

I can’t believe we are nearly at Easter and everywhere is covered in snow. It’s making me crazy. Not that I hate the snow I just think spring really isn’t the season for it. It has its place at Christmas for example.


But with Easter approaching I want to see new life being created.

Buds sprouting through the ground.

Leaves starting to fill out on the trees.

Lambs being born.


Ok ok you get the picture, it’s a time for the new.

Most people see New Year as their new beginnings but for me it’s Easter that has that new start meaning about it.

The reminder of the ultimate sacrifice.

The gift of the cross.

It challenges me to do better.

To be better.

To throw away my overcoat of excuses and to step out of my comfort zone and into the unknown.

Maybe I hibernate in the cold seasons. Maybe I’m solar powered.

Who knows ?

But as the seasons change and time moves on I need to cherish every moment.

Every second, every hour are filled with the breathe of promise.

The gift of creation.

The anticipation of dreams.

New buds, new ideas, new life, new challenges.

The evolution of the seasons.

The evolution of our souls.


Lego Star Wars – Review


Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out film is a great funny film suitable for the ages of 7-11 as it is easy to follow and is fun to watch!

The film as a whole was really good and I enjoyed watching it as I am a huge starwars fan myself.

I lliked how it kept the whole ideas similar as the original star wars films but adding humour and more into it.

I would certainly recommend watching this film as it is fabulous and I feel lots of people would enjoy watching it

Lego Star Wars The Empire Strikes Out
TM & © 2013 Lucasfilm Ltd/Lego, The Lego Logo, the Brick and Knob Configurations, the Minifigures are trademarks of The Lego Group. ©2005-2013 The Lego Group. All Rights Reserved.

Is out to buy now.


My sister Brodie holding the DVD.


* we received a copy of this DVD to review but all opinions are our own.



Shake It up Chicago is a great TV show, its fun to watch and never gets boring. So when my mom asked if i wanted to review the new cd i got very excited. i think that the new i <3 to dance CD is great. It is funky like Cece and also cool like Rocky with amazing in between. There are different sounds like pop and rap. The cd has many different artists who sing on it Roshon Fegan,Caroline Sunshine, Coco Jones, Olivia Holt, McClain Sisters, Dove Cameron, Young LA ,Selena Gomez, Bridget Mendler, Drew Seeley and TKO and Nevermind. It has lots of great songs that get you up and jumping about. Literally I started to play the songs and I got up dancing and singing. It is a great CD suitable for any age young or old especially if you are a fan like I am of Shake it up. It would be a great choice for a gift maybe even for Easter. My favourite songs are "These Boots are made for walking" and "This is my dance floor." I <3 to dance - Shake it up is released on March 25th. You can get it here…..

I really love it and haven’t stop dancing since I received it.

Brodie xx

*** I was given a copy of this cd to review but all opinions are my own.

Moving past first impressions.

When people look at me what to they see?

A woman who is rather overweight?

What they don’t see is a woman with a chronic debilitating pain condition which makes it near impossible for her to exercise. Also do they see a lady on pain medication that increases weight gain.

No !

Because on first glance that information isn’t there.

The way I look doesn’t tell you my story.

How often do we make judgements on those first impressions?

Yet those first moments can only tell us so much. The information we learn is limited in both depth and perception.

Ok i will accept in certain situations first impressions count, job interviews for a start. I mean you wouldn’t turn up to a business job in jeans and T-shirt. But let’s be honest a suit and tie doesn’t guarantee that you are capable of doing the job.


So many times people make judgements on those first impressions, I know I have. Yet some of the worlds greatest minds or biggest hearts have been eccentric and misunderstood.


Also someone of the worlds evilest people have been described as clean cut and homely.

The outside doesn’t always reflect what is within.

With the art of conversation being whittled down to 140 characters I think we need to take the time to get a closer look.

To take the time to really get to know someone by real conversations not just reading their Facebook updates.

Time and patience could bring you great rewards.

Maybe it’s time to meet for that coffee, to share a meal or maybe just an email
or two.


But in a world that’s becoming more superficial everyday i believe we need search out the genuine, to find the true.

I think we owe it to ourselves and each other.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Anais Nin

May your soul glitter.

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Have you ever wanted to just escape?

To be somewhere where nobody knows you?

No expectations.

No preformed opinions of who you are or who you should be.

To become anyone you desire.

To be

To be free

From the moment you are born you are someones child and their expectations their opinions are influencing who you are and who you are to become.

From the foods we are fed to music we hear.


Society breeds conformity, it rebels away from people who don’t tie the party line.

Labelling, grouping, controlling.

Why do we as the human race try to create groups, clones ?

Why do we not celebrate individualism and self expression?

Why are there right ways or wrong ways

Sometimes the journey is more important that the destination.

Sometimes the searching is more important than the finding

Getting lost should be the celebration of a new direction.

Life is for living,

May you wander freely

May your soul glitter with your freedom to be you

Be the you,you wish to be.

Not Acceptable

Over the last two days I’ve been attending a training course. While on this course we were chatting about what we class as acceptable behavior and I was very surprised by what people feel is acceptable.

Ignoring people

Verbal abusing people

Walking away without answering

All of the above was classed as acceptable.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but they are so not acceptable.


Now in the case of what my training was about children in care some of the above and much more are understandable.

But there is a big difference between understandable and acceptable.

Yet the truth is outside this training and here in the real world what is seen as acceptable is changing dramatically.

Take for example manners how many times have you stood in a queue saw a cashier serve someone and never hear the word thank you cross the customers lips.

In a restaurant when a waiter brings foods I have seen diners never even raise their heads let alone whisper a word of thanks.

How many emails have you received without the proper signing off. A regards or best wishes goes a long way.

Go into a school and listen to the way pupils verbally abuse teachers.

How or why did we get here?

Because we allowed it to become acceptable.

I know personally I’m going to try my hardest to use my manners at all times.

To make people’s day with a respectful thank you or I really appreciate your hard work.

I think it’s about time we started a revolution of manners.

Join me Vive la Revolution