Booksneeze review – Liz Wiehl Eyes of Justice


After reading the previous books of Lis Wiehl and the Triple threat club i was really excited to review this one. I actual love Christian crime fiction where i get to combine my two passions into one.

Eyes of Justice certainly didn’t let me down, it had me hooked from the first few pages. I don’t want to share to much of the story as not to give it away but I have to say I was shocked at the beginning at the turn of events and to be honest I wasn’t sure how the books would go on but thankfully thanks to great writing it all worked out great, well kind of.

Lis Wiehl offers you a chance to enter into the world of the serial killer at the same time as being filled with faith and hope, strange i know but it works.

It’s a great crime story that I loved and it was nice to catch up with old characters and be introduced to new.

It’s a easy read and a great way to spend a couple of hours.

I’m already looking forward to the next book.


Self discovery

I’ve just come home after a lovely night away with good friends and to be perfectly honest it was just what I needed.

I’ve been letting myself get dragged down in the normal

Consumed by the chaos that is life.

And slowly but surely losing my way and losing myself.

Yes I love being a mom and yes for the most part I love being a wife but I need to work on a balance because some where in this I need to love being Sara.

When I was younger I was fiercely Independant to the point that I wouldn’t let people into my life, even my husband has said that for the first four years of marriage he only had three parts of me as I always held back something.

Over the years I learned to change, learned how to give myself fully to everyone but I think I may have gone too far overboard in the sense that we all need to hold a piece of ourselves for ourself.

Is this making any sense?

As I lay last night in that hotel room I was struck by the silence in a way I have never been before.

I finally understood the comment “silence is deafening”.

In those early hours of the morning I could hear nothing.

Nothing but the constant jabbering of my mind.

Endless queries of ” I wonder if the kids behaved” ” have the uniforms been washed” ” what’s for dinner when I get home”.

How insane am I?

Siting there In a wonderful silent room, a double bed all to myself.

Why didn’t I just appreciate the moment and just relax?

Because I have forgotten how?

Because I have given myself away and have forgotten who I am.

So this is something I’m going to start working on.

I’m going to take time to remind myself of Sara.

What is it I enjoy doing?

Where do I want to go?

Simply who am I at this stage in my life?

My journey of self discovery starts today.

Losing my way

I haven’t blogged for the last few days. I wish I had a valid reason but I don’t, I just needed time out for a while.

Sometimes I get lost in a abyss of stress and frustration trying to answer the questions of “who I am ?”and “what do I want out of life?”

I don’t know why these things happen, some say depression, some say hormones I just simply say “life sucks”

But you know what that’s okay because at times life does suck an its okay you just take a step back and reassess, re-evaluate , what is it you want and what is it you need.

It’s simply a process that we all go through.

Please tell me it is, I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way at times.

fulfillment, fulfilment
a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires
More General:
– satisfaction

Fulfilment, satisfaction, happiness are all completely oxymorons to me at this time.

I’m searching but to be honest I haven’t a clue what for.

How silly does that sound?

So please bare with me for a while. I’m hoping that I will do what my mom always tells me to do and “snap out of it”. But mostly I hope I do simply find my direction again.

My way


This last week I’ve had been ill thanks to a viral infection. All I have wanted to do is sleep or have cuddles, thankfully my little one has been happy to share hugs and even at times my teens have conceded.

As I’ve been resting I’ve been thinking a lot about touch and how as humans we really need it.

From the moment we are born we need to feel our mom close to our skin and science has actually proven that the feel of his mother skin to skin gives the child strength.

Though at times touch has different meanings.

Take for example the holding of a hand, it is something we do when we are in love and is a way of saying he or she is mine.

But when we are parents it’s also a way of holding on to our child to keep them safe.

Or what about when a person is in pain, facing a loss or going through difficulties the holding of their hand is simply saying “I’m here”.

Touch is a unspoken language which can mean different things at different times.

I find it amazing how much touch can restore your soul.

My daughters hugs are a healing balm, for me just one cuddle can make the world a better place,is a reminder of the gift of life.

But i am also reminded though how often touch is abused. Violence, sexual assault and so much more.

Like words, touch can build one up and can also tear one down ,but unlike the mental damage of words touch leaves lasting physical damage and it can and does kill.

It’s crazy in this world, it seems everything can used for either good or evil.

In whatever we do, in whatever we say we face a moral choice.

Have you ever considered that?

Maybe it’s just me and my over thinking.

The balance of good and evil!

In every decision we make, we have a choice to be good and to either love and cherish others or we can choose to harm and tear others apart.

Touch can restore, touch can harm.

Words can uplift, words can destroy.

It’s crazy this paradox of life.

The dual purpose of everything, in everything.

The reality of free will.


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Weight watchers- not working for us

I haven’t blogged about my weight watchers journey for the last few weeks and the reason for this is simple , I haven’t got anywhere.

I can see how weight watchers can work for many but personally I have really struggled.
It’s the portion control I have a problem with, not the size of the portion just the time needed to measure or record.
Maybe the last few weeks have been over hectic but for me to stick to the weight watchers diet requires energy and time two things I have been lacking it a lot.
Creating meals for a family of six Is hard enough as it is without having to measure or weigh things out.
The diet has brought a lot of attention to weight in my home and with three girls two teens and one with real body issues I have had to be really careful.
We have raised our children to eat healthy and it’s very rare you would find junk food in my home but putting a lot of attention on to portion control has left one of my teens a little over obsessed by what they eat and what they weigh.
So although I am well aware that I need to lose weight I need a diet that’s a little less controlled and a little less  in your face.
Weight watchers in a fantastic diet if you thrive on control but for my chaotic world it just isn’t working.

Booksneeze – Grace


I am a fan of Max Lucado’s books and have many including his children’s books so i was excited to read and review his book Grace.

I really found myself being challenged by this book, having to reread parts again wondering if I had really understood what I was reading.

Grace is something I have struggled with I try to earn it. Max drove home that Grace is given and by trying to earn it I’m taking away the beauty of this amazing gift.

My believing that I have to be perfect to receive God’s love is not understanding the enormity of the cross.

In this book Max doesn’t hold his punches, he takes my, our excuses and tears them into and shows them up as the lies of the enemy.

The book holds us to account over our overuse of the word Grace without any real understanding.

The study guide is an extra gift that I have enjoyed working my way through.

I recommend this book as another Max Lucado book worth having.

A Sisters Heart

Dear everyone

Please help me and my family to find a cure for this terrible disease called Rett syndrome.

Four years ago my sister Olivia aged nine passed away by this horrible disease. Olivia was my best friend she used to drop her toys on the floor on purpose so I would go to pick them up ,then she would yank my hair and laugh but I didn’t care because she was my sister and I miss her so much.

I wish I could see her smile and give her a huge hug so badly.

Earlier on my mom told me that her friends daughter passed away from Rett syndrome she went to sleep and never woke. This is the same as my sister.

Each day more girls are being born with this syndrome.

Now my mom’s friends daughter was only five and even though we had Olivia for nine whole years it doesn’t seem enough.

The other day I told my mom that please don’t take this the bad way but in a way I’m happy Olivia died because the fact is she is no longer in pain. I worry all the time of the pain the girls are in. Livvy suffered so much.

Please help us as we try and raise funds to pay for the research into the cure for Rett Syndrome.

Please find it in your heart to make a donation no matter how much it is you can help save somebody’s life.

If you see or hear that another girl has died has died of Rett syndrome i ask yourself to put yourself in that girls families shoes. Can you imagine how you would be feeling ,how your heart would be broken?

Please please think of others today and help us fight against Rett Syndrome.

Any donation would be amazing.

My mom suggested to make a donation to Rett syndrome research trust instead of sending Christmas cards.

I asked for donations instead of Christmas presents but mom said only one.

Please please help stop this horrible syndrome. I miss Livvy so much and don’t want another brother or sister to cry like I do.

To donate visit the website

Anything will be received with such love from our family and from our hearts up above.

Thank you

Brodie xxx

*this was written by my 11 year old daughter, I only added the link.

Review – Pop Party 10


We are a family of music lovers and you can guarantee that at any time you will hear music coming from one room in our house.

Our tastes vary from Victoria Justice to Guns N Roses.

So when we were asked if if we fancied reviewing Pop party 10 I jumped at the chance.

Pop party CDs have been a successful compilation for a while now due to its up to date variety of tunes.

Pop party 10 offers you Carly Rae Jepson alongside Katy Perry. Maroon 5 along side Justin Bieber.

When i agreed to review this cd i was only expecting it to be a hit with my 11 year old but due to the variety I found my 15 and 16 year olds singing along.

For me it’s real value had been in the car it has stopped at the constant arguing over the radio station for at least one journey and as a mom that is such value for money.

The added bonus from Pop party 10 must be from the included DVD. My 11 year old has loved watching the music videos and dancing around the living room to it.

If I had one complaint about this cd it has to be the fact that the first song was PSY – Gangman style. I really cannot stand this song but my daughters along with the rest of the country seem to love it.

So seriously if you are searching for a great stocking filler for your kids I would certainly recommend Pop Party 10, it is fun full of annoyingly upbeat catchy songs.

If you don’t believe me here’s what my 11 year old had to say about the cd.

POP PARTY 10 is a great cd plus DVD it has great songs really fun songs and great music videos.

It really gets you jumping up and down and it has a funky front cover

The CD is really fun and features famous pop stars like Justin Bieber, Olly Murs and Tulisa and lots more.

If I hadn’t got it now I would of asked my mom for it.

It’s a great cd with really good clear sound and great vision on DVD .

It is completely a fantastic CD and DVD you should buy it as soon as you can.

Also it has lyrics to most of the songs on the booklet and it tells you which of the song videos are in the DVD for you to watch.

I would recommend it to any child or even adult. Completely amazing no problems about anything.

Brodie xxx

Review – Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo

The last week or so my family have been busy reviewing some Warner bros DVDs. As for the most part it’s my children’s opinions that form my review I’ve decided that at times to let them describe their experience.

Hey I get them to practise their writing skills, you get to hear a review from the children who are likely to watch these films.

So here we go…

Tom & Jerry Tricks & Treats


The Tom and Jerry dvd is really good, it is very funny and interesting to watch, there are many episodes so it is always entertaining. I would say its suitable for any ages because there is no bad language or anything little kids shouldn’t be exposed too at a young age.

The main description of the film is that a cat and mouse are always fighting and the cat always loses to the mouse and it is very funny to watch them fight with each other but event though they fight they do like each other really.

Overall i think it is a good entertaining film for kids or adults to watch and is very good to watch as a family film. I would defiantly recommend this film, to lots of people.

Eden .15

Scooby Doo Big Top


Scooby Doo is a great film. It is funny and fabulous because it has both scary and funny parts. It is great how it connects everything together from the circus to the werewolf . The gang solves mysteries and when the owner of the circus says “This might be an actual werewolf” and nobody looks shocked the circus owner goes really “you’re not surprised I was being so dramatic” then Velma goes “oh we solve mysteries its kinder a hobby” the he goes “mysteries? Stamp collecting is a hobby.”

And also another funny part is when the owner of the circus throws garlic at the werewolf I mean that’s for vampires so silly.

So yes it is a great film and lots of funny sections I recommend it for any child over the age of six at least because there are some scary parts in it.

But altogether it is a great film.

Brodie 11.

So there you go both films were enjoyed by all the family children and adults alike.

Good family entertainment

Standing Together

I hate war, I hate the fact that people have to fight, people have to get injured,and mostly i hate that people have to die.

Yet while I hate war I understand that at times war is the only answer, that fighting is the only way to protect the human rights of people and to ensure the liberty of others.

So today as a country we remember the brave men and woman who fight in these present wars and the ones that have passed.

Who put themselves, their lives on the line fighting for freedom.

Today we stand together united in remembrance.

Today I pray for the many soldiers who bravely fight for this country.

Today I pray that they will all return home to the loved ones waiting for them.

Today we honour them.

Lest we never forget.