Rock of Ages – Review


I’m not quite sure how to describe Rock of Ages, it’s one of those films I can’t decide if I either love it or hate it.

The music score holds some of my favourite ever tunes but at times the cheese factor nearly ruins them for me.

It’s a traditional story, country girl dreams of moving to the city to become a rock singer. Falls in love, gets her heart broken and learns of the seedy side of big city life.

Thankfully like all good love stories there is a happy ending but not until we have the dodgy strip club scene and in my opinion an even dodger boy band scene.

Rock of Ages is just simply fun.

The vocal talent is amazing from the two young actors and even I confess Tom cruise wasn’t bad. Though for me Tom looks better in an navy uniform than with long hair and tattoos and that surprised me as I love tattooed men, long hair not so much.

The film is about love and the love of music. It has been done before and will be done again but for a fun night it, it is well worth a watch.

Not going to be one of my all time movies but has been a big hit with my teenager daughter, but I promise if she asks me one more time if I like a song I was rocking to before she was even thought of I may have to scream.

* I was given a copy of the DVD to review but all opinions are my own.

The Penguin King




“With 3D you can convey the reality of what’s in front of the camera in a much more powerful way than ever before”
– Sir David Attenborough

In Cinemas on 24th October 2012

This magical film is a must see for any family.

One of the perks of my blogging is the reviews I get to do and as one of our family favourite things to do is curling up on the sofa together and watching DVD’s.

So when we were offered a copy of the film “The Penguin King”we were all rather excited and one no more so than my 11 year old Brodie. Penguins are one of the things she shared with her late sister Livvy so can you can imagine they are dear to her sweet heart.

But to be honest “The penguin king” was rather a surprise to my Brodie as she didn’t expect it to be a film with real life footage. But that didn’t stop her enjoying it as it was very interesting and the imagery was truly stunning, but let me hand you over to my beautiful daughter who offered to write the review herself and in her own words.

Penguin King

The Penguin King is a nature film about the life cycle of a male penguin. It starts with a male penguin who falls in love with a female penguin. So he waddles over and starts beginning to try to win her over as he stretches high and then bows and the female penguin bowed back which is the sign to show that she wants to start a family with him. So next they find a settled spot to nest and lay their egg. Next is where they start to peck each over. Then when the egg is laid the male father stays where he was and sits on the egg to keep it warm. When the female penguin goes out to collect fish to feed thier chick when he hatches. Eventually the male and female are needed to find fish However, whilst they were out fishing a kind of killing bird came over and started to head over to the chick, just in time the male penguin comes waddling over to protect his baby thankfully was saved his chick. But sadly when the female penguin was fishing, she was being chased by a killer whale. The female penguin suddenly stopped to look for shore but immediately a killer whale took the chance a gulped up the female penguin.Later on the male and chick where wondering when the mother penguin was returning the male penguin thought how will he raise a chick all by himself. Sadly the female penguin never returned. This is what I reviewed from the Penguin King and I learned many new things about nature thank you for sending me the film.


* We were send a copy of the ” The Penguin King” to review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

20 Seconds

I was watching the film “We brought a Zoo” the other night with my daughter. When the father talks to his son about the fact that it takes only 20 seconds of insane courage to achieve great things in life. It was a emotion that really struck at my heart as such a truth.


So many times I have felt myself in situations where I have been so scared to walk through a door, to get on a train, to approach someone. Lets be honest this list could be endless.

Yet from somewhere I have somehow found the courage to walk through the doorway, to jump on board the train and to say hello.

It’s those moments of committal that count when you know you cannot go back or walk away.

It’s those moments that have become memories I’ve cherished, ambitions I’ve accomplished, and friendships I’ve made.

So yes 20 seconds of insane courage can bring you more than you can ever imagine!

So if you are standing on the edge holding back through fear, remember just 20 seconds could change your life.

Go for it!


Weight watchers, Back to best

So I finally managed to get into boots today for my weigh in. After a horrific week of stomach flu and barely eating I was gutted to find that I hadn’t lost anything. Not one stinking pound.

To be perfectly honest I’m really struggling with the diet. It’s the weighing and measuring that I’m just not finding the time to do.

The app is still useful but I think I’m using it more as a guideline that an exact science.

But I’m not giving up, I’m still going to persevere and maybe a week of sleep and good health will make all the difference.

BritMums - Back2best Challenge

A normal Monday to Friday !!

What a week I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster and i’m walking about lost and disordinated. I’m bone weary, the evil stomach virus struck and has robbed me of the little reserves I had left.

Yet life has to carry on, I’m not allowed to be weak its a case of just pull yourself together girl and get on with it.

But what is it?..

The question is haunting me at this time.


I’m juggling too many balls and soon they will drop.

This week I’ve managed to pass my first aid course, take my daughter into a recording studio and complete a newspaper interview and subsequent photos.

Oh and don’t forget the parenting of teens and the caring of a child with disabilities

And the stomach flu.

Yes just a typical Monday to Friday.

So yes I’m tired, I’m weary and I haven’t yet finished.

How do you all find the strength to do everything? To be everything to everyone.

The roles we play are slowly taking over the person I am.

I need head space but all I can think of is un answered emails, unsent thank you cards. Unbought birthday cards.

I need time to not think. Not to be

My brain feels like a clock constantly ticking, the tick tock chime echoing in my mind.

I lie in bed writing lists in my head, praying for a sleep that alludes me.

Tick tock


The Call of a Coward- Booksneeze


When the Moston Family hear the call from God they pack up their typical American home and find themselves driving along the atrocious life defying roads of Guartamla.

They hope to work hard and make a difference to bring the love of God to the Mayan people in a world with no telephones Internet or even a reliable postal service. But as we know the bible has no boundaries it cannot reach.

After packing up and moving to Guartalma no one is more surprised than the family to find themselves heading back to the US in less than a year. Weak from a severe bound of hepatitis and disillusioned from life the family cross the border and fall back into their old life with such a familiarity that Marcia wonders what it had all been about.

Had God planned for this to happen? How can she be expected to live Guartamla behind her how can she rid her heart of this unfinished feeling.

Turning to God she prays to return to Guartalma and finish what they started. So when her brother asks them to come to Vermont to help grow a small rural church she is sure that this isn’t in the plan. So in a challenge to God she ironically stated that if I hear a Spanish speaking person in Vermont I know this is where you are calling me. So after the visit she is sure that its not for her but like always God has the bigger plan and when the last person they meet greets them in Spanish she knows her plan is his.

This is one amazing book that shows the depth of courage and faith the Moston family have and also even when we think we know the plans God has for us we can be genuinely be surprised.

This is book that I recommend whole heartily, It is well written in a wonderful manner that takes you along with the family on their courageous journey.

I review for BookSneeze®

*I received this Ebook free to review from Booksneeze, but all opinions are my own.

The Perfect Tattoo

This Saturday my husband and I attended Tattoo Jam 2012 held at Doncaster race course. It is a fantastic event held in high regard by tattoo artists and tattoo lovers alike the second category I certainly fall into.

I had gone to the event with two motives one simply to enjoy myself and two to check out the three tattoo artists I had narrowed down to in my search for a tattooer to tattoo a portrait of my late daughter Olivia.

To be perfectly truthful I still cannot believe how the day turned out. I never intended to come home with a tattoo and it never crossed my mind that I would be getting my portrait done.

But that is exactly what happened!

I introduced myself to one of the tattooist off my list and straight away I felt this was the guy, his smile when he saw Livvy just lifted my heart and call it instinct, call it messages from heaven I haven’t a clue but something in my head was saying ‘ trust him”.

Now that may sound over dramatic “trust him” but it had taken me three years of searching and building up the courage to have this tattoo done. This was Livvy after all it had to be perfect I simply couldn’t cope if it wasn’t just as she was.

So even after having this feeling of this is the guy I still went an checked out the other two artists on my list. Nothing, I felt nothing don’t get me wrong amazing talented artists but not the one.

So anyway we decided to see when he was next free and maybe chat about a trip down to see him when he surprised me by saying RIGHT NOW.

What , seriously was I going to do this right now. Alan laughed at me this ” right now ” had been years in searching and planning. He was right this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. It wasn’t me walking into a shop just because, this was thought about, this mattered.

So there I was lying on a tattoo couch for 5 hours watching an amazing array of people go by.

The Tattoo Jam is a fantastic place not just to appreciate the art on walls but also on the human canvas’s around us.

It was weird it was wonderful and I loved it. There was graffiti art, a tattoo museum, a man drilling through his face and so much. I was in awe it was an incredible place.

I got to chat to some fantastic people as I sat there being tattooed, but no one was more fantastic that my tattooer Przemk. This man is an incredible artist but also a real genuine guy. He made sitting for about five hours of pain actually pleasant. The care and dedication he puts into is work is something I haven’t come across before.

As for my tattoo I can’t explain how I felt when I saw it. I just sobbed, for one second I had my daughter right there back with me. He had captured her very essence in the tattoo, the twinkle in her eye, the little twist of her lips that showed up when she was planning mischief.

I cried, my husband cried. I was speechless it was beyond perfect.

I can not thank Przemk enough for this tattoo I now have Livvy with me wherever I go.

It is hard to describe my joy about my tattoo, perfect, amazing, incredible none of these words come close.

For me I won’t be tattooed by anyone else again, my husband is already planning to be booked in for his first ever tattoo.

So if you are considering getting a tattoo I heartily recommend you take a trip to the seaside town of Blackpool to The Dragon’s Den Studio because Przemek is in a class of his own. If you don’t believe me check out my tattoo…..



Also if somehow this doesn’t convince you of Przemek talent check out the shops Facebook page for photos of some incredible art. The Dragons Den Tattoo Art Studio

The Race

I have been ill for the last week or so fibromylcia has been like  a snake bite spewing venom into my body.

Yet while the physical has been awfu,l spiritually I have been much worse.
I have forgotten to be thankful.
I have moaned an groaned about my pain and physical discomfort yet forgetful to be thankful that I am here that  I am not fighting a terminal disease. That my mind is still working.
I have grumbled at my husband forgetting how blessed I am to have him.
I have moaned about lack of quality time with him yet i take for granted the gift I have having him alongside me each day.
I have worried about finances yet not realising that the truth is I have more than enough.
I have allowed my girls to drive me to the brink of insanity with their teenage angst when I still cry out for the one who never got to be a teenager.
I have allowed myself to become of this world when the truth is I am not.
Sometimes I fail so miserably, I want, I desire, I crave yet I have so much. To say that this human nature is not an excuse. 
I need to be thankful in all that I do to remind myself of the gifts,the joys that bless my life.
I am so blessed and sometimes I need a gigantic kick to remember this.
The truth is I get caught up in the race of life that I forget to slow down and enjoy it.
I stop seeing the wonder in the nights sky, the lyrical majestic wandering of a well versed song or the ribbon curling of a gentle breathe.
I need to stop not just looking but seeing the beauty of God’s creation
I need to slow this life race down from the 100 metre sprint into the marathon. 
Enjoy, be thankful, be blessed.

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