Weight Watchers Back 2 Best

One of my main issues when it comes to self confidence or should I say lack of self confidence Is down to me being overweight.


It feels like I’ve been large forever and I simply I hate it.


So now  Ive decided i am going to stop with the excuses. No more blaming the thyroid disease no more blaming the fibromyalgia and the medication I take. I have to take responsibility for the fact that I adore food and eat to much of it.


So as luck would have after making this deciton a few weeks ago I applied to be part of Brit Mums and Weight watchers Back to Best  Challenge and guess what I was chosen. Along with 20 other bloggers  I get to to trial Weight Watchers online membership for six months, using all the support Weight Watchers has to offer and also their new Weight Watchers app which you can find in your app store.


The plan allows you a certain amount of points daily and with the help of the app you monitor and guide your way towards weight loss.


I am really bad at dieting as soon as I hear the word ‘diet’ i’m hungry. Food is a real comfort to me so this isn’t going to be easy. But I am desperate to get myself somewhere near what I used to be. I want to be able to walk into a shop and find a size that fits.


So anyway thats my plan, I am going to follow the Pro points diet for the next six months and see how it goes.


If you fancy joining me in my quest to lose those excess pounds, Weight Watchers are offering you the change to try the online membership for a week at the trial price of £1 and the app for free. *Please note that the plan will renew after a week if you do not cancel it.



I’m not going to share with you my starting weight, in fact I’m still reeling from the horror of it. What I will share is that I have been following this plan for one week and on my weigh in yesterday I have found that I have lost 4,lb. I am so happy with this and it has really motivated me.


I confess the plan is really easy to follow but I am finding myself hungry, so I am in need of some healthy snacks that don’t include fruit (weird lady with texture issues). Any suggestions.


So there I go, my start of the journey to a new me, ok maybe a slightly used new me. But hopefully one I will be more happy with.


If you use twitter follow mine and the other bloggers journey at #WWBack2Best


*Yes weight watchers have gifted me an online membership for 6 months and also a hamper full of weight watchers goodies but all opinions are my own.




I’m an Intelligent Living Mum with Panasonic

I have some exciting news, I have been chosen as one of ten lucky bloggers by Panasonic to become an “Intelligent Living Mum”, part of a campaign to inform people of the great products Panasonic have to offer and the way they strive to understand the ever changing needs of today’s busy family life.

My first contact happened last Thursday when I got the opportunity to visit the Panasonic headquarters in Bracknell. Let me tell you this day turned into an a rememberable one, even ignoring the vomiting occurrence on my journey home (thats another story).

The Panasonic headquarters are amazing the whole atmosphere was welcoming from the first contact from the reception team to the Sales and Marketing director. The aesthetics of the building are truly stunning. The walls full of inspirational philosophy reminding each staff member of the core values of the company.

I so loved these principles that I want to share them with you all:-

  • Contribution to society
  • Fairness and honesty
  • Cooperation and team spirit
  • Untiring effort for Improvement
  • Courtesy and humility
  • Adaptability
  • Gratitude

Seriously I was surprised by what I found at Panasonic this is a forward thinking company with plans and ideas for the future, but they are also a company that is so proud of its past and from where it had started.

Earlier on in the day we were introduced to the Sales and Marketing director John Hardy, this gentleman has worked for Panasonic for over twenty years and he shared with us the history of the company. The founder Konosuke Matsushita was a man whose life story is so inspiring, from leaving home at the age of only 9 to work as an apprentice he believed in the foundations of hard work and hope for a better future. These beliefs stood him well and at the age of only 23 Matsushita set up his own business and began work on his own inventions. Never giving up on his dreams and pursing innovation his small workshop grew into the company we know today as Panasonic the largest consumer electronics company in the world. It was from this man the seven principles of Panasonic was set. I have to say I was really interested in the philosophy of Konosuke Matsushita and I am now working my way through his autobiography.

So proud of their history Panasonic actually have a museum on site dedicated to electronics of the past. Myself and the other bloggers really enjoyed this tour and was surprised by some of the flash backs to our past we had. For me it was the old tape recorder that followed me from one dance practice to another, the others seemed rather excited by the old record players and none of us could believe the size of the early mobile phones. Did we really carry those around with us?

Times have certainly changed from the invention of the  first double adapter to Panahomes in Japan where Panasonic make 99% of the house. Konosuke Matsushita belief was that only products which make people’s life better should be made. Anything that enhances someone’s life, is what Panasonic strive to produce.

Whilst at Panasonic we were shown a few of the home appliances they have to offer. The fantastic Flatbed combination microwave oven was my favorite but my surprise “like” of the day was actually the Bread-maker. I know you are all on the floor in shock. I had looked at bread-makers  previously and thought of them as complicated but by the end of a demonstration by the lovely and talented Marianne from Marisworld.co.uk  I was convinced the making of the bread was so easy that even a complete domestic nightmare like myself could manage it. Also the great selection of bread, rolls and cakes that were on offer at lunch helped the persuasion. They were simply yummy!


The model we got to see in action was the Panasonic SD-2501 this had won the Which best buy award and is also endorsed by The Good Housekeeping Institute and let me tell you they know way more than me, but I loved it.


Though it seems “Which” does have one issue with the Bread-maker and that is the fact it doesn’t have a viewing window. We were reliably informed that this is on purpose as viewing panels create condensation which doesn’t make for a crusty top. I am actually considering adding one of these bread-makers to my Christmas list but I’m worried the shock may cause permanent damage to my husband. Also if I start baking bread he may expect more from me like for example hoovering. Scared to start what could be a downward trend.

To be honest I was really impressed by what I saw and learnt at Panasonic and I am so pleased that as part of Intelligent Mums I get to spent more time learning about the company and the awesome products they have to offer.

So be warned there will be more blog posts coming.

But before my next installment if you want to learn more about the Home Appliances Panasonic have to offer check out “ Intelligent Living” and for some great recipes and hints and tips visit “The Ideas Kitchen” a great place for online guidance.

As for me I’ve off to play with the fantastic appliances I received in my goody bag the Panasonic HX-DC2 Dual Camera and the Panasonic Wet/Dry ES-SL41-A electric shaver which my husband has already fell in love with.

Actually I’m going to combine these two for a future fun vlog post, now thats something to look forward to.


So until then enjoy the above sites and also check out the blogs of my fellow Intelligent Mums.

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Grieving God’s Way – Margaret Brownley


How do I describe this book, Grieving God’s Way by Margaret Brawnily. I really haven’t the words maybe just stating that  “she gets it”  is the only way to come close.


This is a book which I will and already have returned to over and over again.


As a grieving parent I have read a few books on the journey of grief and they have left me wanting. This book is far from the usual its not telling you how you should feel or what stage to be at. Margaret has and still is walking the journey and she really gets it and I just wanted to hug her and say thank you.


I sometimes feel so alone on my journey of grief and yes each journey is different for everyone but at times reading this book I felt like screaming hallelujah someone gets me, someone really does understand.


The emotions, the cycles, the realisation that life will never be the same are all here in the pages of this book.


The author has shared her heart and in doing so has certainly eased mine,

Share the humour, the sadness  the emptiness and know that you are not alone.


Know that wherever you are God is with you and open you heart to his healing love.


Margaret reminds us in  her gentle way that God feels and shares our pain to, he understands when we are angry at him and holds us even closer.


Allowing ours to feel, allowing ourselves to grieve and giving us tools to move forward.


I do really recommend this book to anyone who has faced lost but also to anyone who needs that reminder of God’s love.

***I received this book free to review, all views are my own.

Dear Me


Dear Me


To be honest I’m not sure I want to step back to your time, to think, re live all that we faced. Yet I know in my heart that somehow we survived.


The secrets that we hide deep in our hearts are slowly being healed by our Saviour’s love.


How I wish I knew then what I know now, those endless nights of searching for love and acceptance would be no more.


Because we are surrounded by the greatest love ever, the love of our Father God.


Those nights where the journal was our only friend when the pain filled words scrawled across page after page, to then be ripped into millions of pieces just in case it was ever found and betrayed.


How I wish I could go back and tell you that alcohol is not the escape you think it is, after the oblivion reality is always still there.


How I wish I could wrap you up in my arms and tell you that you are so worth it, kiss away every one of those self-afflicted scars. The pain a temporary release of the anguish of your heart.


I can’t promise you a life of no more pain in fact at times your heart will be ripped into pieces, but I can promise you this…


You will never be alone again!


This is the heart of what hurts your soul, you feel so alone. But I promise you my dear broken soul, one day you will be restored.


Don’t give up.


You will learn to trust again.


You will learn to believe again.


You will dream again.


Through God’s amazing grace and the power of true love.


You will learn to love yourself again.


I promise


Me xxx


* To celebrate the release of her new book “Graceful” written for teenage girls, Emily Freeman invited us to write a letter to our teenage selves, giving ourselves the chance to remember what life was like when we were sixteen.  Find Emily at her fantastic blog Chatting at the Sky.


I sometimes think everything I do is in a state of unglued. I’m stumbling along this road called life. At times I feel so panicked I can hardly breathe.


But I have to find the courage, my voice, my place.


His voice the inner strength of his gentle words to my heart, ‘do not be afraid, I walk beside you.’

I need to focus, just one step at a time,

no wonder I’m falling down when I’m trying to carry the load all in one go.


A ‘to do’  list doesn’t say ‘to do all in one go’.


I need to take my time


To give myself  a break


And focus


On my pathway I do not walk alone.


She loves it, so why am I so sad?

My baby started seniors last week and guess what she loves it. She actually told me the worst part was the fact that she has to come home.


I know I should be ecstatic we were so worried as she is such a shy little one. Losing Livvy really knocked her confidence and her kind her heart always seemed to get a little broken in the real world.


I call her my wise owl and even have a charm on my pandora bracket to match. We gave her this nickname as she at times comes out with the wisest words. Words so true and thoughtful.


Yes I was worried, secondary school isn’t the place for a kind caring soul it’s full of those horrible creatures we call kids. Pre teens and those evil beings known as teenagers.  I was sending my baby into the mist of it all.


Secretly I was planning my homeschool lessons and teaching strategies but she loves it.


The teachers have recognized her as one of the Meredith girls and already she has got a good  rap-pour  going teasing about her big sisters ( see they have their uses sometimes).


She is already planning on going out for choir, singing lessons and so much more.


She comes home starts her homework and gets so excited about getting it right.


Simply she loves It there.


So why am I so sad?


Letting go isn’t easy, she is my baby, my youngest and she doesn’t need me as much.


It’s hard, it hurts.


My head is so proud of the way she has adapted to senior school but my heart aches.


Time is moving on a little to quick for this mom.

To never forget

I can’t write today, my mind is filled with the memories of eleven years ago when the world watched in horror as the terrorist attack of 9/11 unfolded.

I was glued to the television coverage my heart was breaking, all I could do was pray.

Pray for people’s safety, pray for the brave emergency services, pray for peace.

Today as i remember I have those same prayers, but I also pray for the ones left behind. The ones who lost loved ones, wives who lost their husbands, husbands who lost their wives, mothers who lost sons fathers who lost their daughters, and those sweet innocence children who lost their parents.

A day filled with so much loss, so much pain.

11 years on the world still mourns.

Hearts are still broken.

We remember with love the ones who lost their lives to this evil called terrorism.

And we pray for peace , for tolerance and mercy, and to NEVER witness such devastation again.


We will NEVER forget