This may sound crazy but sometimes I believe we get limited by our dreams. Let me try to explain what I mean.

When I was a child of course I went through a variety of dreams, to be a dancer, to join the army. I was so sure that I wouldn’t get married or have children.

Imagine if I had stick to that pathway Only following that dream. I wouldn’t have had the blessing of a wonderful husband or four amazing children.

As I have grown I have watched my dreams change, grow, evolve in ways I could never imagine. Life experiences changing the person I was the person I have become.

My dreams of yesterday seem little compared to my dreams of today.

This is where I find dreams limited, the truth is they are only our dreams of today. Tomorrow is yet to be written.

I’m not saying don’t dream , far from it dreaming is a wonderful way to plan pray and create. Yet when we become so focussed on today’s dream we don’t give space for tomorrows to grow.

I love the term daydream because that is so true. Each day our dreams are for the here the now the present.

I love the gift of our imagination but also accept the fact that we can only see so far down the pathway of life. Accepting this gives me strength I don’t know what tomorrow holds but for today I’m enjoying the daydream.


I don’t do perfection. To be honest I don’t think we can. I mean we can write a wonderful
piece and think it’s wonderful yet rereading it again a day later or even ten years later we will see ways we could have changed it. Improved on it, maybe it’s just our knowledge that has grown the reality is you cannot change perfection and in all areas of my life I need change at some level.


A man who dedicates his life to reading God’s word may need change in other areas of life.

The world’s fastest runner may be the world’s worse friend

The kindest mother may be the cruellest wife.

As humans we are multi faceted we have some many different layers. So many changes needed so many places in which we need to grow.

It’s exciting really; perfection leaves no room to grow. Imagine being thirty years old and being perfect in everything would you want to stop there or would you want to grow maybe add a new role to the many you play. Become a wife a mother.

Life is for growing for changing and to be perfectly honest that’s why I love it so. I hate failure but I do accept that I learn from making mistakes, sometimes they are harsh but again that’s how life is. Each day is a chance to learn, grow, and change.

I use to crave perfection but from my point of view reality is the more perfect you attain to be the less of a person you become. How many experts in their field have found themselves losing out in other areas?

This doesn’t mean I don’t try, far from it. I try in everything I do from writing this blog post to doing the laundry. They are all needed and equally as important in the grand scheme of things. I strive to achieve the best in all parts of my life to play my life roles to the fullest of my capacity. To give all that I can and to love with all my heart!

Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing. ~Harriet

Certain flaws are necessary for the whole. It would seem strange if old friends lacked
certain quirks. ~Goethe

No one is perfect… that’s why pencils have erasers. ~Author Unknown

Nothing that is complete breathes. ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from
Spanish by W.S. Merwin

The most difficult part of attaining perfection is finding something to do for an
encore. ~Author Unknown

When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target. ~George Fisher






We cannot allow this to happen!

There are not many things in this world that get me really  upset and embarrassed with our government but this is one of them. It has broken my heart that so called pencil pushers are putting a young child’s life at risk.

Let me explain.

This is Rania

She is a beautiful five-year old girl who is severely disabled due to quadriplegic cerebral palsy with complications including epilepsy and if fighting a life threatening condition isn’t enough Rania also now faces deportation to Algeria, a country in which still views epilepsy as possession.

Rania came to the UK in 2008 on a six month visa, to live with her aunt and uncle to help give her mother a break and to help her condition. As it emerged just how ill she was her stay got extended. She has made huge improvement and is now even a pupil at a mainstream school.

Her aunt and uncle wish to adopt her and raise her. Her aunt states, “I have breathed life into her and resuscitated her when she collapsed in the living room”. “She is part of the family .”

Her family doctor Robert Walker said “The improvements she has made here have been remarkable and it would be detrimental to send her back”.

Yet despite all this amazing improvements the Home Office are saying she must return home after an application for her to remain in this country was turned down.

The Human Rights act states

Protection of Foreign

A foreign national cannot be deported if they are liable to face death or torture in their home country (or whichever country it is proposed they should be deported to). This rule is absolute*2 and may even be invoked if the health care in the relevant country
is deemed to be inadequate, or if there is no direct threat but the country is

This rule is used often with prisoner extending their stays, yet here we have an innocent child being sentenced to death as there is no way she will receive the treatment in Algeria that she needs to save her life.

Rania’s family have started a campaign to appeal the Home Office decision and raise awareness of Rania’s plight.

Please join me in helping them:-

They have a Facebook group, which gives you updates and ways
to support Rania’s family.


Please sign and share this petition


Please tweet the petition and information including the
hashtag #RaniaMustStay

Please so many times we read of the power of the people, the right to have our voices heard. Please join us as we get Rania heard.

For more information please read http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/9032978.Deporting_little_girl_will_kill_her__family_say/?ref=mm

Or watch Granada news reports http://www.itv.com/granada/girls-deportation-worry61844

*Please note all views on this blog are my own and not the views of the family.

What’s on your bookshelf??

I’m sure I have mentioned I’m an avid reader. If not I apologise as the truth is I love books. I devour them daily with a passion. My husband refers to my bedroom as a fire hazard my sister called it her library.

Library or Fire Hazard

I love the written word in all forms, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, autobiography, reference and so much more.

I get excited when a recommendation comes my way, or I read a review that catches my eye.

I’m slowly getting used to the concept of the kindle and other E readers but the truth be told my bedside table will always be full of books.

At the moment I have two I’m reading,

Madeleine by Kate McCann

The Stone cutter by Camilla Lackburg

I also have waiting for me Kerry Katonas book along of
course with my range of daily devotionals and of course my bible.

So I throw the question open wants on your bedside table. What books are you reading? Planning to read?

Share them with me and maybe I will be inspired to try a few.

I Confess

I have a confession to make. I’m an impatient person. It is so bad at times I actually drive myself mad.

If people say five minutes at 5.01, I’m frustrated.

If someone says I’ll get right on it. I’m expecting them to mean now.

As a mother I drive my kids mad. I shout upstairs “come down here” 10 seconds after I’m shouting again “where are you”. I’m ashamed to say I actually even get annoyed when they are on the loo. I mean how long does it take to pee?

I scream at the computer for loading the page to slow.

Record all programmes as adverts drive me mad.

Slow drivers are the bane of my life.

I don’t like being this way. I have this illusion of being a free-spirited woman with no concept of time. Just going with the flow but I fail terribly.

I am a lot better than I used to be. When I first had my children they never had to do anything. Not because I spoiled them, no I was just too impatient to wait for them.

Having Livvy changed me a lot, nothing I did would hurry her up. Seizures would happen just as we were about to leave. Plans would have to be changed. I did learn how to just take one day at a time.

Why am I telling you all this. Well simply I find myself going back to the old ways. The impatient, frustrated woman is taking over and I seriously like don’t like it.

Summer is around the corner and I want to relax and enjoy the warm days. So here on my blog I am making myself accountable. The next time I get frustrated or impatient I will remind myself of the person I want to be.

Do you have to hold yourself accountable for any reason?
Share with me in the comments and we can work on it together.

Show me my direction.

Today in church we were asked if there was one thing in our hearts that we could bring before God what would it be?

First of all my mind was full of prayers requests, the health of people I love and care about. Then I realised the vicar was asking about our hearts. What we want to achieve.


I would confess that i am struggling with direction. My heart and head is full of many different ideas. Issues I want to raise, causes I wish to support. The simple thing is I just don’t know where to begin. Or if this is even the pathway God wants me on.

I sometimes pray for the trumpet call that will lead me where the Lord wants me.

I know I have to be patience but I struggle with that. A lesson I’m learning on a daily basis.

“Because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.”James 1:3, NIV

So if today I could bring anything before God it would be that he shows me the direction he wants me to go. So that I may work at bringing glory to his name.

” Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”
(Isaiah 30:20-21, NIV)”

Never Give Up

Yesterday I updated my Facebook status with the words ‘I give up’ and at the point when I wrote those words that’s exactly how I felt. A dear friend feared for her daughter. Dr’s weren’t being supportive and I was simply frustrated with life.

Roll forward a few hours and I was just walking into alpha when a wise man told me simply he didn’t like my status “you can never give up”.

What truth was in those words? Even in the darkest moments we know we have to carry on. We couldn’t just sit still and say enough is enough. Our bodies would go into self-preservation mode and we would become hungry, thirsty, have to use the bathroom.

Think back to the times when you were ready to give up, what happened? A kind word from a friend, a cuddle from a child, a phone call from your spouse.

Something that reminded you of the light in the midst of darkness!

We never give up!

Somehow, something, someone gives you strength and hope.

For me my faith ensures that I am never alone. That when I cannot find strength in myself I know I can turn to the Lord and find my strength in him.

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31, NIV

My hope, my strength can be found in my children’s hugs, my husband’s smile, my friends words.

We can’t give up, life is full of hope.

“And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, who he has given us.”

Romans 5.5,NIV


Book Review – The Shelter of God’s Promises- Sheila Walsh


I have to say I look Book sneeze it lets me read books for
the nothing. Just to give a review of them, well that’s fine by me.

The Shelter of God’s Promises by Sheila Walsh came out to me
a few months ago and to be honest it has taken me a while to read through it.
This is not because it’s boring or dull far from it. The reason is simply that
it has made me think. I have found myself reading the pages over and over again
as it impacts me deeply, Sheila hitting my heart with her words.

Sheila Walsh writes “In these uncertain times, I know 100
percent that I can stake my life on the unshakeable, unchanging promises of God”.

This book is offers Shelia’s heart as she shows us through
scripture and her own story what God has promised us, his unrelenting commitment
towards us.

I have found this book to be powerful in my life, a time
when things are getting me down and I feel myself calling to God, where are

“This is one of the greatest ironies of our faith; at the moment when we
realise we have nothing to give Christ and we fall flat on our faces, we bring
the gift he has been asking for all along.”


We come to God with nothing and he gives us everything.

I think this is a book that I will be turning back to, one
that can fill me with hope, encouragement as it reminds me of God’s love.

I find Sheila Walsh to be an incredible writer a gifted
woman who shares her passion for God in a wonderful way. This book is another part
of her personal testimony.

I would recommend this book easily whenever and whenever, if
you are feeling low, need strength or just want to remind yourself of God’s
eternal love.

Find Madeleine

After reading the news coverage of Kate McCann book my mind has been on overdrive

As a parent who has lost a child I can relate to the pain and anguish she is going through.

Yet in a way I am lucky!

I know without a doubt that Livvy is in a better place free from harm free from pain. Yet Kate and her family do not have this comfort.

I cannot imagine the horrors of her mind. As a mother I cannot and don’t want to comprehend the fear she must feel.

Little Madeleine McCann was taken as she slept from a hotel room in Portugal four years ago and after endless media campaigns, private detectives we still are no further forward into knowing what happened that fateful night.

So many opinions, so many accusations but only the kidnapper knows the truth.

Kate McCann’s book is a book of hope. Hope that it will prick a memory in someone’s mind. That it will bring publicity to Madeleine’s disappearance again. It is also in Kate’s honest opinion a way to raise money for the fund which has continued the search for Madeleine when the authorities stopped.

I know many have different views on Kate and Gary McCann.
Maybe you would have done things differently? I’m sure now they too would, but hindsight is an amazing thing. For me I believe they wouldn’t have left their children in a place they didn’t believe was safe. I mean who would?

My heart bleeds for this family and Madeleine along with all missing children are in my prayers.

Kate McCann’s book is available on May 12th, in all good book shops,internet sites  and supermarkets.

More information on how to help the Madeleine McCann fund can be found on their website here. http://www.findmadeleine.com/index.html

Please pray for this family and for all others missing their
loved ones.

  • More information on missing children can be found


My Italian Family Cookbook

If you follow my blog you have noticed that I’m not a great fan of cooking, but I love food so sometimes I have to be adventurous and try new recipes.

So when I was asked to review a new cooking book, I thought hey why not. Maybe this will be the inspiration I need to get me excited in the kitchen.

My Italian Family Cookbook by Lawrence Dallaglio in partnership with Sacla the Italian food people had me drooling as I looked through the pages. Its bright colourful layout inspires you to get shopping for the ingredients and into the kitchen. Ok well it took me a few days but hey I’m a reluctant chef.

The cookbook has a vast array of recipes for light bites, quick suppers, and weekend food for friends, special occasions and sensational desserts.

For novice cooks like myself I found the recipes easy to follow without too much assistance from husband. Also being the adventurous cook that I am (ha ha) I decided to try the Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.

The result, well let’s just say the lack of photograph here explains it all.

While My Italian Family Cookbook is full of great recipes I do think you need to have some know how in the kitchen.

If you love Italian food I would recommend this book. It is a full of wholesome meals that can be cooked for all the family.

So go on try it out.


I apologise for lousy picture having a few technical problems.

*This book was given free for the review.